Lid Options

Available for Undertrack and Double Deck Installations

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Aluminum Lid

This is the standard lid that comes with all undertrack systems.  Much like a car hood, this lid allows easy access to the mechanism underneath.  This lid is NOT intended to be walked on.

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Powder Coated Aluminum Lid

Using the standard aluminum lid on the left, we send it to our powder coater to have a baked on paint finish applied to it.  We stock 6 standard colors that have been our most popular choices throughout the years.  Specialty colors are available.

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Walk on Lid

This application matches whatever material the pool coping is.  We mount the material on heavy duty brackets and in some cases stainless steel trays to support concrete, bricks, natural stones, pavers or wood.  We design each job so we can access the system in the future by making them in manageable sections.